THON is the World’s First Decentralized hackathon ecosystem built on the blockchain focused on the entrepreneurial sector. In this video, Luc Ibata explains his vision and idea of this project and its corresponding application.

This platform will deliver equal access to opportunities through incentivizing innovation and connecting people from all walks of life. We are an outlet, opportunity, and platform built for innovators to express their solutions to world issues through decentralized hackathons.

2018-09-18 (2)

Learn more at In this video, the platform’s founder Luc Ibata shares his experiences with incredible benefits of hackathons and why there is such an amazing place for innovation, community building, and opportunities!

Interesting enough, Luc Ibata also leads DIOS at UC Berkeley which is an organization striving to spread knowledge and enabling an equal access to opportunity. DIOS or the Decentralized Innovation, Opportunities, and Social-impact organization is a group comprised of students, researches, entrepreneurs, and more seeking to find solutions for global issues using blockchain technology. This group mainly runs out of Berkeley, CA, but will soon spread to more locations and universities.

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