So you have minted your very own Cryptocurrency and want to find the exchanges that will let you trade it for free and without extortionate fees?

The DEX or Decentralized exchanges are the places to go and we have a list that’s perfect for you.

1: Etherdelta

Etherdelta is a decentralized trading platform for Ether and Ethereum based tokens. You do not have to request for your Erc20 token to be added to the list as you can scroll to the end of the list where it says other and add your tokens name, contract address and decimal places for it to pop up for trading. Then all you have to do is bookmark or copy the link to that trading spot and share it with whoever you want.

Etherdelta runs by connecting your MetaMask wallet to the Ethereum main network and users depositing their tokens to their smart contract. 

The cost of using Etherdelta almost free everytime but you are charged in Ethereum to connect with the smart contract using GWEI and the fees differ from 0.0003ETH for a deposit of ETH to the lows of 0.0001 ETH to withdraw ETH. (prices using 4 GWEI) The time it takes for a 4 GWEI transaction can differ depending on the network.


IDEX is one of the more popular decentralized exchanges out there that allows you to trade most Ethereum based tokens with simplicity. It is the best alternative you can get to Etherdelta and we believe that IDEX has a much better UI (user interface).

IDEX has quite a good 24 hour volume on the exchange and for most ICO’s that struggle to get onto the major exchanges like Binance, you will find that these teams pump some good liquidity into their tokens to create the price value.

Again, Metamask is the main wallet connector but you can use Ledger Nano S wallets to get more security on the exchange.

The cost of using IDEX differs but again, it’s one of the top free decentralized exchanges available on the market.

3: Waves Dex

Waves Dex  or the Waves Decentralized Exchange is one of the best and upcoming dex exchanges available.

At this moment in time there are 6 Cryptocurrency pairs which include Fiat. The ability to withdraw your funds to your bank account is  a major added bonus. This exchange is based on the Waves Blockchain which in our opinion could be a major player for the developing countries looking to enter Blockchain technology.

The speed, costs and high levels of security make Waves Dex one of the best of it’s kind and 24 volumes are increasing by the day.

4: Ethen ; also known as Ethen.Market

Ethen is another decentralized exchange that launched at the end of April 2018. 

The company statement says ” Our goal in developing Ethen was to make decentralized exchanges more accessible to a wide range of users not just to professional traders, while incorporating as many convenient features as possible from centralized exchanges”, 

MetaMask is used as the Wallet or Ledger Nano.

Fees costs 0.25% per trade for taker fee but you do not pay a maker fee.

The Ethen exchange has a decent UI and offers traders quick access to ERC20 tokens but after testing trades, it lacks that trust you get using other exchanges.

Again, this exchange is free to list your Erc20 tokens.

5: OpenLedger Dex (Bitshares)

OpenLedger is a Blockchain based company out of Denmark that provides a range of decentralized solutions.

Their exchange uses Bitshares graphene technology and is a very simple Dex to use.

The costs differ per transaction with a taker fee and has a highly secure encryption system with a long password you will need to store

Volume on this exchange is high and is growing by the day. It is definitely an exchange you would want to get your token listed on.

6: CryptoBridge

CryptoBridge is a dex exchanged launched in 2018. It is also running off the BitShares networkk and supports decentralized trading on all the popular Altcoin pairs without a single point of failure.

Your security is evident and you always hold the private keys to your funds and only you have access to them.

If you have not had a go at this exchange before then we suggest diving in. The registration process and login is simple and highly secure.

Again, CryptoBridge has no single point of failure due to its federated servers and holders of their token called BCO benefit from a 50% revenue share by using the exchange.

The volume differs by a few BTC daily but has seen volumes over 300 BTC in recent weeks.

This exchange is free to list your token and we recommend it being one of the first stops to get your ICO or token sale underway.


Thats it! We listed 6 exchanges which we would use.

There are many more decentalized exchanges out there, Forkdelta, Tokejar, OasisDex, Radar Relay, BarterDex, Bisq and Stellar Dex.

You can take a look at these exchanges and if you think you should list your token there then send their teams a message.

Listing on too many exchanges?

As a token holder, sometimes it becomes an issue to trade your token of get a good price from buyers when it is spread across many exchanges or DEX exchanges.

Unless your Cryptocurrency is showing volumes in the millions then under our professional advice we would say to take your time with where you want to list your token as you will need to provide some sort of liquidity to keep your price from crashing.

Remember, investors like a quick flip and sometimes get uneasy with the development of a project under ICO roadmap so they dump and make a loss just to buy into that coin that’s having a good day.

If your an ICO, always put aside enough funding for liquidity and to keep the token price at a set minimum.

Nobody likes a token with Zero volume.

PS; avoid airdropping your token. The people who follow airdrops will dump your token for a dollar. A dollar to some people in some countries can be a lot compared to others…