What is Goodbit?

Learning about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain can be incredibly difficult as a beginner, even more, difficult if you don’t have a technical background. If you’re a coding wiz you might be able to pick up the Bitcoin White Paper and understand the lingo, but if you’re not as tech proficient, what are you supposed to do?

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Well, you could buy a book, or five, or scroll through pages of Reddit or dozens of scattered YouTube videos. Or, you could just go to Goodbit.

Goodbit is the newest online academy where you can learn everything—and I mean everything—you need to know about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. And here’s the best part: it’s all free!

Their 101 Basics course is designed to get you up to speed about these new technologies even if you’re a beginner, no prior experience needed!

After going through the Basics course, which is currently taught through text but will have live action videos added in the coming weeks, you can dive deep into specific topics with Goodbit’s In-Depth knowledge-base. After all this learning, if you decide to invest in Cryptocurrencies, this platform has tools, tutorials, and reviews, showing you how to choose and use different kinds of exchanges and wallets.

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The site is well laid out, and you can tell these guys put some effort into figuring out which features will help new users the most.

Learn more about Blockchain/Cryptocurrency at Goodbit!