Through the rise of cryptocurrency adoption, organizations have attempted to create communities around people who are enthusiastic about certain technologies and trends and have done a poor job. DIOS seeks to change this by creating equal opportunities for all community members.

The Issue

Many of these organizations are centered around the community leaders rather than the mass of community members. In many cases, community facilitators create invite only or highly expensive events that deny many the access to learn more about blockchain technology thus lowering enthusiasm and adoption.

The Solution

DIOS is a new organization standing for: Decentralized Innovation, Opportunity, and Social-impact. This group strives to change the industry’s demanding norms by putting community members first and running affordable, yet highly informative events out of UC Berkeley and other bay area locations. This new take on community building in the blockchain space focuses on the industry’s social impact and innovation. Through student interviews, mentorship, and research opportunities, DIOS @ Berkeley plans on educating people on the capabilities of technology disrupting social, economic, and global issues.
If you are in or near the San Francisco Bay Area, check out DIOS’s first event on UC Berkeley campus: