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RipaEx ICO Rating:
Team: 2
Vision: 3
Product: 3

1. The RipaEx Team has not completed the KYC in the ICOBench Platform.

2. The team listed in rating site ICOBench is small though the team on the website shows much more members. But it looks like kind of an outsource and the original team is of 3 people.

3, The CEO and CDO, i.e. Giovanni Silvestri and Giorgio Isola were also together in another Project called Kapu which kind of looks like doomed. Their apps in the Play Store has roughly 100+ installs each. 24 Hour Trade Volume is negligible, etc.

4. The CFO as well doesn’t look promising with his past experiences as well as the other members of the team doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile or have a very low number of connections.

5. The prototype link is dead: So couldn’t check the product page at the time of writing this.

6. Roadmap and other details are also very abstract and a bit ambiguous.

7. Even though with so many problems, they have created many interesting things and ecosystem around their project.

2 for Team even with so many problems due to the development of the project. Can improve to 3 or possibly even 4 as well if they complete the KYC as well as add the other main members of the project.

3 for the vision, which can be improved to 4 if they also include a good marketing strategy for the project along with other projections.

3 for the product for the things build around the system, which can be improved to 4 as soon as I see some update to the prototype link.

This I believe is one of the highest rated projects from my side in ICOBench. My advice to them would be to hire some people with good marketing experience to guide through this time of the ICO.


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