Updated story:

on the 27th September to October 4th 2018, Pyongyang will host the first ever blockchain conference called “Korean international Blockchain conferecne” with collaboration from world renowned foundations and experts in the field of Blockchain technology.

This is according to the website: korea-dpr.com KFA Travel

The conference is being organized by Christopher Emms, who is described as a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience working with startups and ventures.

We managed to get in contact with Mr Emms but is yet to make a comment.

The full 8 day conference is listed below:

Day 1, Sept 27: Arrival in Pyongyang

Day 2, Sept 28: Victorious Fatherland liberation War Museum, Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies, Senior Middle School 1 of Pyongyang, Tower of Juche idea.

Day 3, Sept 29: Grand People’s Study House, Drive to Kaesong, Tomb of King Gongmin, overnight in Kaesong.

Day 4, Sept 30: Panmunjom (Border with South Korea), Koryo museum, Picnic lunch if weather permits. Back to Pyongyang, Pyongyang Metro, Arch of Triumph, Munsu Water Park. Walk in Ryomyong or Mirae street.
Day 5, Oct 1: Blockchain Conference by international experts in blockchain/cryptocurrency.
Day 6, Oct 2: Blockchain Conference by international experts in blockchain/cryptocurrency.

Day 7, Oct 3: Business meetings with Korean companies.

Day 8, Oct 4: Transfer to airport and return to Beijing.
One of the evenings all attendants will be able to enjoy the Mass Games in the May Day Stadium.
The Mass Games are only available for a short period of time, and are the largest gymnastic display performance registered in the Guinness World Records, with more than 100.000 participants.

All passports can apply except: Japan, Israel and South Korea.

Deadline for application: September 6th.

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Ticket price: €3,200 & include:

– DPRK Visa
– Flight Beijing-Pyongyang-Beijing
– 7 nights, individual room in 3 stars Hotel
– 3 meals a day, including local mineral water and beer.
– Transportation and entrances included in the itinerary
– Guides-translators Korean/English
– Attendance to the Conference
– Arirang Mass Games ticket

How to apply for tickets?

Send an e-mail to korea@korea-dpr.info together with a scan/photo of your passport, occupation, full address and phone number. We’ll get you back with details for your reservation.

It looks like that North Korea will indeed hold it’s first ever Blockchain conference.

The question we must all ask though is, will you attend this historic event?