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Koosha Azim is a 16 year old serial tech entrepreneur who is the Founder and CEO of Rupsure as well as the Co-founder and a content publisher at Crypto Weekly News. He is in charge of content facilitation and web development. He also works with partnering blockchain/cryptocurrency startups to cover media about specific events and people.

Outside of CWN, Koosha is Chief Youth Officer at the Camelot Foundation where he develops networks and business operations. Camelot uses this Distributed Technology alongside several degrees of Artificial Intelligence and Human Cognition to expose oppressive monopolies. Through innovations like Excalibur Academy, foundational knowledge is supported to anyone ages four and up.

Thon.network and DIOS @ UC Berkeley are other projects that Koosha advises and drives youth development for. Both Thon and DIOS deliver equal access to opportunities through incentivizing innovation and connecting people from all walks of life. They are outlets for people to solve world issues through decentralized hackathons.

Koosha Azim’s latest endeavor includes building Rupsure: a social media platform aimed at providing the youth with an outlet to discover new communities and build professional networks. This new and exciting project aims at keeping user data safe and disables 3rd-party data consumption. Rupsure, Flashfund, and Thon.network all run on the goal of creating social good and sponsoring an equal access to opportunity for all people.

Other Interests?

Other than blockchain, Koosha enjoys public speaking at tech events, painting, playing music, and learning Farsi (Persian language). He wishes to continue his interests alongside business endeavors to enjoy his young life and to remain curious. He is currently a student at Los Gatos High School and Foothill College in California, USA.

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