So where did Goodbit come from? What’s the story?

2018-10-26 (1)

Goodbit was founded by Maverick Kuhn, Zack Jordan, and Lucas Tesler, three students from Brown University who are Crypto evangelists to their core. While at Brown, they saw an issue in the Crypto-space: nobody outside Crypto understands what it is, how it works, or the potential it has to reshape our society.

Worse yet, back when they founded Goodbit over a year ago, there were no good places for users to go for simple explanations about how Crypto works. They thought, “No more complicated, boring explanations, no more scams. We can do better.”

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So, the three created this platform, the place where anyone can go to understand Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Mav, Zack, and Lucas then left school to dedicate all their time to this endeavor. They now operate out of Berkeley, California. Their mission is to bring Cryptocurrency and Blockchain to the world.

Their new site just launched at, and they are working tirelessly to spread their new platform.

The team is still working on adding features and videos. New content will be published constantly on their blog, and their tools and videos will be live in the next few weeks. Check it out, and send it over to your friends who don’t understand Crypto!


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