Rupsure aims to be a social media platform used by teenagers around the globe to share knowledge through online links (urls).

Social Media

Social media today is heavily saturated amongst well-established fortune 500 companies setting the standards of western society through embellishing consumerist behavior and digesting political content that raises controversy. These networks have a plethora of features and have impacted millions of people, yet are they really productive?

Professional platforms like LinkedIn help shine a light on a different aspect of social networking where people can exchange knowledge and networking for their time. Unfortunately, LinkedIn does not support or encourage younger people to join and converse on the platform. Much of their features do not appeal to teenagers or developing young adults who would benefit from networking or knowledge sharing online environments.


Meet Rupsure

This issue opens up a market for teenage knowledge sharing or professional environments. Rupsure is not only a solution to this running issue but a new platform made by teens for teens. Rupsure CEO, Koosha Azim states that “Social media looks established on the surface, yet there are millions of potential leaders who do not have a native online community to share ideas and increase personal growth.”

The Rupsure / Dry team hope to launch version 1.00 of the Rupsure platform in March 2019 as a closed beta. This network will later be available to wider audiences once all features have been deeply scrutinized and tested by the core team. For now, Rupsure has launched a blog titled ‘Insights by Rupsure‘ covering the stories of leaders such as Michael Creadon, Chase Robbins, Nick Cassimatis, Alec Petros, and Koosha Azim


Here are is their latest piece covering the journey of Juan Acosta:



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