If you ask most people what the best website software is, they will tell you its WordPress.

WordPress is a complex and robust script that has a never ending list of plugins available that can be used to setup most types of websites. This is why over 27% of websites on the internet are created using WordPress software. 

You can download it and install the plugins to setup almost any type of website you want however, WordPress can’t do absolutely everything. There are times other scripts are needed and times custom programming is essential.

For example; if someone tries to setup a traffic exchange, WordPress is not the script to use. There are simply no plugins that will allow this type of website to be created. Even the best programmers out there would tell you that even if you wanted to it’s not practical to use WordPress for such a website.

In fact, it’s not just traffic exchanges, it’s most types of marketing sites that WordPress isn’t really suited for.

You could go searching for various scripts to setup various types of marketing websites but there isn’t really a one size fits all type of script for marketing sites. If someone wants to setup a traffic exchange it takes one type of script and if they want to setup a social post exchange it takes a completely different type of script, or perhaps they are looking to setup a viral email system – this takes yet another type of marketing script.

Unlike WordPress most of these scripts are costly and range anywhere from $100 to $500 per script for each different type of site you want to create.

This is where development in these systems get better.

There is a Cryptocurrency project called TAC, which stands for The Advertising Currency that is setting to change all of this. TAC has created a platform they call OSMP-TAC. OSMP is the Open Source Marketing Platform, and much like WordPress it can be used to set up all sorts of various different marketing and advertising websites.

When the platform launches, it will allow anyone to setup traffic exchanges, viral mailers, social post exchange websites, article exchange websites, banner exchange websites, or even full blown social networks.

Not only will it allow you to create each of these types of websites but, it will also allow a user to create and sell offline advertising such as magazines, billboard advertising, radio advertising, and television advertising.

This is an incredibly robust script with countless features. Also unlike WordPress, these features are built into the script by default. When someone sets up this web script, they merely need to select the options they want enabled or disabled in an administrative interface.

Because this is a Cryptocurrency project, the platform runs entirely using Cryptocurrency – specifically that of the upcoming Cryptocurrencies being created by the TAC team called; TAC Tokens.

There are a series of 10 different tokens being created for this platform and this project. Although 10 tokens for a single project sounds like a lot, there is a very good reason for this and that reason is each of the tokens covers a different area of marketing and allows different things to be come within the OSMP-TAC platform without affecting the value of the other tokens.

For example, a token can be used by a traffic exchange to give members of the site a fraction of each token for every page they surf on the traffic exchange and gifting these tokens, will not lower the value of any other tokens. That means if you have radio advertising tokens the traffic exchange tokens wouldn’t be decreasing in value from the traffic exchange tokens being given away.

The 10 tokens are outTAC for outdoor advertising, radTAC for radio advertising, tvTAC for television advertising, magTAC for magazine advertising, vidTAC for video advertising, socTAC for social advertising, artTAC for article marketing, banTAC for banner and text ad marketing, teTAC for traffic exchange marketing and vmTAC for email marketing.

Each of these 10 tokens will have a 100,000,000 token distribution created and each will sell for $1 USD. This sure seems like an awful lot of money and some listing sites have even considered it something to be concerned about. However, after discussing this with the TAC team there is a very good reason for them trying to raise so much money.

What they plan to do with this money is to obtain advertising contracts with major corporate advertising and media agencies. These contracts will grant them the advertising for their platform. For example they may enter into a contract to obtain tens of thousands of billboard advertisements. These advertisements would then be built into the platform and others who setup and use this platform could then purchase these ads in their admin area, and set them up for sale on their own OSMP-TAC installs.

The overall goal of the TAC project is to decentralize marketing and give small and medium sized businesses a fair change at advertising without having to compete with companies that can spend far more money than they can per ad. Currently the industry of marketing and advertising is very overpriced, and only the wealthiest of companies can afford to advertise successfully offline, and this project will aim to change all that.

If you are interested in learning more about the TAC project or the OSMP-TAC platform please check their website at https://tactoken.io. Tokens will go on sale Oct 1, 2018 and will continue to be sold through their platform for 1 full year until Oct 1, 2019 and all tokens will begin with a value of $1. This is a project that keeps true to the core principles of decentralizing industries that make cryptocurrency such a huge success. This is something you won’t want to miss.