holy war

There are messianic figures. Gloom and doom scenarios are drawn out. There is a mysterious prophet whose identity is concealed. There are two sects who vehemently disagree on the rightful successor of the prophet, and swear an oath towards the “original”, “real” creed….Bitcoin Core vs Bitcoin Cash.

This could be a story about a medieval-era holy war, but is just as applicable to the recent split in the Bitcoin blockchain into BTC (Core) and BCH (Cash), both of whom claim to be the real Bitcoin, with vicious attacks on each other. And then, perhaps akin to the Reformation movement, there is Ethereum, led by their own version of Martin Luther, who recently pinned something to the door of the church.

I have been to too many meetups and discussions where people get extremely riled up into beliefs and sometimes over-the-top fervor. People point to this whitepaper and that as if referencing verses from their favorite Holy Book. And just like medieval times, the average bystander is dazed and confused, seeking an explanation for the seemingly supernatural transformation we are going through in the world of Blockchain. They are still looking to find the one true messiah to take them to salvation. And then, there are the new Blockchain televangelists, who I will not name here – you know who.

So let’s prescribe each other, the pill..of chill. Too much religion, dogma, and blind belief never lead to good outcomes. We should stay open to criticism. This community needs all of the smartest minds on all sides of these wars, to work together.

Keep an open mind, hold common sense and stay rational. Strong beliefs, but loosely held. That’s what I intend to do.


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