Luc Ibata and other members of the THON team sponsored October 3, 2018, No Woman Left Behind conference in San Francisco, CA. THON took many pictures of the event to capture underserved entrepreneurs.

According to No Woman Left Behind, “Blockchain gives women a ‘level playing field’ to an entirely new tech era. It ‘technologizes’ the qualities of trust and relationships to create communities and direct relationships, which are feminine values intrinsic to women’s strengths.”

This new and valuable organization enables women to learn more about Blockchain technology. In addition, it exposes them to career opportunities in the industry.

This is one of many events THON hopes to capture on camera and sponsor. They are on a mission to empower entrepreneurs around the world and give many opportunities to students as well. This is made possible by DIOS, a UC Berkeley based student organization, as well.

More Info (DIOS)

DIOS is a new organization standing for: Decentralized Innovation, Opportunity, and Social-impact. This group strives to change the industry’s demanding norms by putting community members first and running affordable, yet highly informative events out of UC Berkeley and other bay area locations.

This new take on community building in the blockchain space focuses on the industry’s social impact and innovation. Through student interviews, mentorship, and research opportunities, DIOS @ Berkeley plans on educating people on the capabilities of technology disrupting social, economic, and global issues.